Safety - Personal Gas Detection, Gas Detection Monitors, SCBA, Flame Detection

gas detection  Gas Detection
Toxic and LEL Monitoring & Control Systems
Technologies: IR, Electro-chemical, Catalytic Bead, Open Path, Infra-red
Alarm Stations, Stand-alone and Complete Monitoring Systems

Personal Gas Protection  Personal Gas Detection - Portables and Drager Tubes
Emergency Response Kits, TWA Measurements, Drager Tubes
Multi-gas, Single-gas, Confined Space
Documenting Calibration Stations, Automated Tube Pump

Drager X-Zone  Hazardous Gas Area Monitor
Multi-Gas Monitor, Wireless Linking
110 dba Horn and Annunciator LED Lighting
Battery Operated, 60 Hour Battery Life, Radio Transmission, Alarm Output

Gas Protection Scuba suits and masks  Respiratory Protection
Air Purifying, Emergency Escape, Air Supply Respirators
SCBA - NIOSH Approved, NFPA Compliant, Full and Half Mask
Cartridge Mask, Fit Testing, Chemical Suits