Control Valves, On-Off Valves and Regulators

Control Valves  Gas, Steam & Liquid Control Valves
Process, Steam Boiler and Utility
Quick Change Trim
Smart Positioners

Regulator  Pressure Reducing & Back Pressure Regulators
Pressure Regulators for High and Low Flow Applications - Spring and Dome Loaded
Single and Dual Stage Gas Bottle Regulators, Pilot Operated Steam
Cryogenics, O2 Service, Sanitary, Steam, Corrosive Fluids, High Purity, OEMs

Sanitary Regulator  Sanitary Regulators and Control Valves
Pressure Reducing, Back Pressure, Clean Steam
Inline CIP / SIP, Self Draining
316 SST, FDA Compliant Trim

On-Off Valves  On-Off Valves
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Monel
Electric, Pneumatic and Manually Actuated
General Purpose, Severe Service, Specialty