Process Instrumentation

Flow Instruments  Flow
Vortex, Clamp-On Ultrasonic, Energy, Metal & Glass VA Rotameters
Mag Meters, Venturies, V-Cone, MFC's, Purge Meters, Paddle Wheel
Thermal Mass, Insertion, Differential Pressure, Coriolis, Turbine

Signal conditioners  Data Acquisition & Control Instruments
Touch Screen Data Aquisition Ethernet Recorders
PID Controllers
Wireless Radios & Transmitters, I/P & P/I Transducers

gas detection  Gas Detection
Toxic and LEL Monitoring & Control Systems
Technologies: IR, Electro-chemical, Catalytic Bead, Open Path, Infra-red
Alarm Stations, Stand-alone and Complete Monitoring Systems

Analytical instruments  Analyzers
Technologies: FTIR, Paramagnetic, Zirconia, Laser, IR, E-Chem, Photometric
Rugged and reliable: Wall, Rack & Explosion-Proof, Portable
Standard & Custom Engineered Sample Conditioning Systems

Magnetic Level Indicator  Level Control & Measurement
Guided Wave Radar, Magnetostrictive, Pulse Burst Radar, RF Level Controls
Nuclear, Magnetic Level Indicators (MLI's), Float Level Switches
Thermal Dispersion, Ultrasonic Contact, Ultrasonic Non-Contact, Vibration Switches

Pressure & Temperature  Pressure & Temperature Indicators and Transmitters
Pressure Transmiters, DP Transmitters
Pressure Gauges & Seals, Isolation Rings
Temperature Sensors, RTD's, Thermocouples, Thermometers

Vibration Monitoring  Vibration - Asset Condition Monitoring
High Density Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, & Busworks I/O
Intrinsic Safety Barriers, RTD, T/C, mV, mA, V input Transmitters, Alarm Trips
Wireless Radios & Transmitters, I/P & P/I Transducers

Process indicators and computers  Indicators & Energy Flow Computers
Digital Panel Meters, Controllers and Flow Computers
NEMA 4X, Explosion-Proof and DIN Panel Mount
Large Display, Loop Powered, Ethernet & Modbus