ABB DCS System

ABB DCS System

Extended Automation for Industries
Process industry control with full integration for electrical, safety and telecoms in a single operations environment with System 800xA.

Essential Automation Freelance System and Compact Product Suite
Freelance, the power and reliability of a DCS in a user-friendly, cost-effective and robust solution ideal for all process industries. Plus, a suite of best-in-class control products that can meet all your automation needs.

Symphony Plus
The new generation of total plant automation for the power and water industries – simple, scalable, seamless, secure.

Heritage Systems
Extend the useful life of your installed system and upgrade and evolve your Advant OCS with Master/MOD 300, SATT, Symphony Harmony INFI 90/Melody/DCI System Six, Procontrol P13/P14, Safeguard 400 Series system.



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